From the Beginning

The following history of the Springfield Ceramics and Crafts Club started as a group effort by the 90th Anniversary Committee and now we will continue it here on our website adding presidential updates annually.  We have attempted to touch on the highlights of the Club and show a small representation of the classes, table settings and programs throughout the years. It's a very brief synopsis of the history of the Springfield Ceramics and Crafts Club.

Obviously, there has been so much happen during our 95 plus years that it would be impossible to show everything.

A big “Thank You” goes to all our members who have contributed so much to our organization and made us what we are today.



1924 – 2014

“THEN and NOW”

May 18, 2014

Open House

1:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.


Drawings for Prizes of Members’ Hand-made Art


Mrs. Lewis Minor                   1924-1925

Miss Mary Newell                  1925-1926

Mrs. Ed Knox                        1926-1929

Mrs. Edward Pree                 1929-1930

Miss Marguerite DeLano       1930-1931

Mrs. Corwin S. Mayes           1931-1932

Mrs. Herbert Georg               1932-1934

Mrs. J. A. Canham                1934-1936

Mrs. John W. Pugh               1936-1938

Mrs. L. J. Foreman                1938-1940

Mrs. W. W. Wells                    1940-1942

Mrs. Henry A. Solomon         1942-1944

Mrs. Ralph Pierce                 1944-1946

Mrs. J. Leslie Lambert           1946-1948

Mrs. Lloyd W. Shannon        1948-1950

Mrs. Carl R. Kull                    1950-1952

Mrs. Don R. Lacey                1952-1954

Mrs. O. H. Trainor                 1954-1956

Mrs. Henry Abels                    1956-1958

Mrs. Miles Gray                     1958-1960

Mrs. J. B. Cassiday               1960-1962

Mrs. George Cullen              1962-1964

Mrs. LaVerne Harlan             1964-1966

Mrs. Harry E. Johnson          1966-1968

Mrs. M. D. Turley                    1968-1970

Mrs. Richard Waughop         1970-1972

Mrs. Carl E. Wall                   1972-1974

Mrs. Jean O. Tick                  1974-1976

Mrs. Robert Deffenbaugh     1976-1978

Mr. R. Thomas Roberts        1978-1980

Mrs. Vaughn F. Hershey       1980-1982

Mrs. Harold Randall              1982-1984

Mrs. E. F. Sembell                1984-1986

Miss Peggy O’Connell           1986-1988

Mrs. William Watt                  1988-1990

Mrs. Neal Frerichs                1990-1992

Mrs. Samuel Patton              1992-1994

Mrs. Robert Ashbaugh          1994-1996

Mrs. Mark Stern                    1996-1998

Mrs. Richard Becker             1998-2000

Mrs. Merle Wiese                  2000-2002

Mrs. Ted Hasselbring            2002-2004

Ms. Jayne Blades Epperson 2004-2006

Mrs. Alan Hymans                 2006-2008

Mrs. Alvin Edwards               2008-2010

Mrs. Stella Taft                     2010-2012

Mrs. Larry Sobeck                2012-2014

Mrs. Gilbert Moorman           2014-2016

Ms. Rebecca Wagner           2016-2018

Mrs. Penni Gebke                 2018-2020

May 21, 1924…

          was a Wednesday.

Calvin Coolidge (R) was President.

Len Small was Governor of Illinois

Samuel A. Bullard was Mayor of Springfield

“Rhapsody In Blue” was played for the very first time.

Jimmy Carter, Lee Iacocca, Doris Day, Peggy Cass and Marlon Brando were born in 1924.

Edgar Hoover was appointed Director of the Bureau of Investigation, later changed to FBI.

The first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was held.

The first regular airmail service started in the USA.

The Wrigley Building in Chicago was completed.

There was a Hoof and Mouth epidemic in California.

The Indian Citizenship Act was passed which conferred citizenship on all Native Americans in the U.S.

The first ever Winter Olympic games were held in Chamonix, France.

Johnny Weissmuller won 3 gold medals at the Paris Summer Olympics.

IBM Corporation was founded.

Zales Jewelry was started.

First round-the-world flight, MAY 21, 1924

Maid-Rite was started and was the very first drive-in restaurant.

Ace Hardware was started.

Ladies’ Fashions of 1924




Illinois Terminal streetcar 410, built by St. Louis Car Co. in 1924 as order #1324, a sister car to 415, now preserved at the Illinois Railway Museum.  (Photographer unknown – CERA Archives)

In the beginning…..

SCCC’s forerunner blossomed from a fashionable tea given at the home of our founder – Mrs. Lewis Minor – for women in our city who were interested in ceramic art – mainly china painting.

There were 75 guests in attendance.  Tables and cabinets were filled with almost transparent painted china and sparkling irradiant glass.

This sparked an interest for a long-felt need in our city – the formation of a club which would develop this fine art which is so close to feminine hearts.

Later, on May 21, 1924, twelve women met at the home of Mrs. Minor to organize the “Springfield Ceramics Society.”

Mrs. Minor was elected President.  Meetings were to be held once a month.  All meetings were held in the homes of the members.

Most of the programs of these early days were “home talent,” with all members of the Club participating.

The first exhibit was held at Lincoln Library for three days – the most important event of the year!

In the fall of 1925, an exhibit of hand-decorated china was displayed.  It was considered the finest exhibit of china ever shown in Springfield – at any time.

One hundred guests were present, but there were only six members of the Ceramics Society.

Calendar for 1926-1927


In 1925 and 1926 interest lagged – almost to the point of discontinuing the club itself.

In February, 1926, the membership voted to include all phases of art - not just ceramic art.

In December, 1926, a sale of arts and crafts was held at “Marsh’s Paint Shop,” and it became the highlight of the year.  This time, members also demonstrated basket weaving, silk lamp shades and hats.

Beginning in 1927, there was a demonstration of pottery, talks of gesso and how to decorate glass without firing, and china painting was discussed.  Later, applied design and quilting were shown.

During 1927 and 1928, crafts included hooked rugs, blanket making, wood carving, and tooled leather.

At the December, 1928, Board Meeting, the Club voted to change its name to “Springfield Ceramics and Crafts Club,” to cover various arts and crafts.

Meetings in 1929 consisted of speakers from Chicago as well as from the Springfield area.

1929-1930 Program

First Table Setting

By 1929-1930, with Mrs. Edward Pree as President, tremendous gains were being made:

  • revision of the Constitution,
  • frequent board meetings,
  • study classes,
  • first printed program, and
  • a yearbook.

February 10, 1930, was the birth of the first Table Setting idea!  Plans took shape!

Mrs. Edward Pree, President, 1929-1930\\

“Sinking Fund”

On January 16, 1934, our “Sinking Fund” was established, and our “Aisle of Tables” was voted to become an annual affair.  In April, it was made mandatory for each member to exhibit at least one article of handwork at the annual exhibit.

In the meantime, the third floor of the Y.M.C.A. was rented with use of the kitchenette for $3.50 per month.  It was also agreed that members pay a quarter for lunch instead of bringing food from home.

By October, 1934, there was $125.00 in the Sinking Fund, and 106 members by the end of 1935.

Mrs. Herbert Georg, President, 1932-1934

On March 9, 1931, Mrs. Vachel Lindsay spoke to the club.  Her topic was “My Husband as an Artist.”

Dues were $3.00 per year.

Lunch at the meetings costing 25 cents.

“Sustaining Membership” was $5.00 per year.

“Life Membership” was $50.00.

Non-member guests were admitted for a fee of 35 cents.

Table Setting, Hotel Abraham Lincoln, Ca. 1935

Members were required to display one craft item at the Annual Table Setting Luncheon or were automatically dropped from membership.

After an absence of a year, they could be reinstated. Membership cards had to be presented at each meeting.

First Fund Raiser – A Card Party

Anniversary Luncheon, Washington Park Pavilion, May, 1939

November 15-17, 1938, were days scheduled for the Stix, Baer and Fuller’s (St. Louis) Seventh Annual Table Setting Tournament.

The SCCC accepted the invitation to participate and chartered a bus to carry 40 members to view the table setting.

First prize – a chest of silver – was awarded to our Club.

Stix, Baer & Fuller’s 7th Annual Table Setting

Typical Table Setting of the 1930’s

Typical Table Setting of the 1930’s

1939-1940 Program

Beginning in 1942, members were busy knitting and sewing for the Red Cross, providing food for Sunshine School, and selling Defense Bonds.

In May, 1943, a housing committee was appointed to find a suitable home for the club.

In the meantime, members provided Christmas trees for soldiers housed at the State Fairgrounds and sold war stamps in downtown Springfield.

Work days began being held at the Y.W.C.A. and some were held at the I.O.O.F. in 1946.

1949-1950 Program

By 1954, recipes collected from members since 1948 were made into a cookbook of 275 pages to be sold for $2.00.

Each year since the Sinking Fund had been established, the SCCC had contributed with the purpose of purchasing a permanent home.

By May 1970, there was $19,509.00 in the fund. Pam Waughop chaired the committee to find a permanent home for the club.

By 1960, another rule was added for the membership:

A member was now required to attend at least three work day meetings during the current year.

1959-1960 Program

Pam Waugh  President – 1970-1972

1969-1970 Program


Imagine the excitement of the club members when, in March,1971, the Club purchased its own building at 3500 South Sixth Street (behind the old skating rink – just north of the drive-in theater).

Since it was two floors, the second floor was to be rented as an apartment.  The only mortgage was to be $5,000.00 to be used for equipment such as tables, chairs and installation of a sink.  The rental income from the apartment would pay for the real estate taxes and insurance.

The Club continued to grow and expand its activities, and soon outgrew the South Sixth facility and the sale of the building garnered a nice profit.

1979-1980 Program

President Shirley Tick   1974-1976

42nd Annual Table Setting

Six years later, in September, 1977, the present building and an adjoining house were purchased.

By May 1978, the building on South 6th Street was sold and only $27,000.00 was owed on the new building.  After many hours of hard work, planning, juggling, etc., the move to our new home began.

Many of the ladies who were instrumental in all of this are still members of the club today.

In October 1979, it was reported that the membership had increased to 150.  The house was rented for $275.00 per month and the building was rented to a church for $100.00 per Sunday.

By 1980, the balance owed was under $15,000.00.  On December 8, 1986, the mortgage was burned.

President Ila Roberts 1978-1980

54th Annual Table Setting

In September, 1984, we auctioned off the house we owned just north of the club, and with Dorothy Frerichs chairing the committee, went through the many-step process of having it removed, sought proper zoning for a parking lot, persuaded CWLP to move the water meter from the parking lot area, persuaded Woodside Township to provide proper drainage from the lot, sought bids for the surfacing of the parking lot area, etc.

Finally, in late June, 1985, we saw another dream come true – a surfaced, striped, properly-drained and lighted parking lot at a cost of $14,850.00!

1984 Officers

L-R:  Dorothy Frerichs, Mary Beth Roland, Ann Piper, Marilyn Heintzen, Ila Roberts, Barbara McDermott, Margaret Sembell

Bathrooms were remodeled and a new roof was put on.  The kitchen was added, as well as the ceramics room and kiln.

We moved upstairs, but there was a problem with members navigating the stairs.  So Shirley Tick found a lift chair in a tavern where the owner had installed it for his wife, since they lived above the tavern.

She bought it and arranged for it to be installed in our stairwell, making it very easy for anyone to access both levels of the building.

In 2006, the lift chair was replaced with a new one, thanks to Charlene and George Kennedy.

1989-1990 Program

Classes 1989 -1990





Scratch Board Art


Dorothy Frerichs President 1990-1992

Classes 1990-1992

Watercolor Painting


Copper Enameling

Crazy Quilt

Knitted Cape

Betty Patton President   1992-1994

63rd Annual Table Setting

1994 Classes

China Painting

Heirloom Embroidery - 1994

Metal Casting & Sculpy Jewelry - 1994

Ribbon Pillows – Ceramics - 1994

Rug Hooking - 1994

“Ashes of Roses” Tapestry – 1994
(Required at least 300 hours)

My First Day of School” Centerpiece – 1994
Every decoration made from Sculpy clay.

Paper Mache` Produce - 1994

T-S – “My First Thanksgiving” - 1994

T-S – “My First Easter Bunny Brunch” - 1994

T-S – “My First Miniature Table Setting” - 1994

Barbara Wiese President   2000-2002

Stained Glass Painted Sweatshirts

Dot Hasselbring President  2002-2004

Classes 2002-2004

Creative Clay Goldfish

Shadow Embroidery

Paper Making - Ornaments

T-S – “Our 25th Anniversary”

Classes 2002-2004

Knitted Scarf

Garden Ornament

Patchwork Quilting

Knitted Fingerless Gloves

Cut-Out Shirts

Jane Epperson President  2004-2006

72 Annual Table setting

Classes 2004-2006

Folded Boxes


Colored Pencil Drawing

Spirilli & Tea Paper folding

Indian embroidery

Present Membership Rules

  1. All active members shall be required to attend three (3) two-hour minimum classes during the fiscal year.
  2. All active members shall be required to exhibit one or more pieces of art or craft taught in the fiscal year.
  3. All active members must pay annual dues by April 20 or they will be dropped automatically from the membership roster.
  4. All active members shall  be required to support the fundraisers of the club as designated by the Board of Directors.
  5. New members must accept an office or assume some position of responsibility to the club within their first five years of membership.

Table Settings 2008

Patricia Hymans President 2006-2008

Classes 2006-2008

Pounded Posies

Seat Belt tote

Beaded “Penny Purse”

Concrete Bird Bath

Framed Bud Vase

Ribbon Weaving

Mosaic Tile


Ceramic House Number Plaque



Ribbon Pillow

Pencil Portrait

Rolled Magazine Bowl

Painted Totes

Carol Edwards President 2008 - 2010

Community Services

In September 2008, an outreach program with students at Black Hawk School was begun and continues today with after-school craft sessions, as well as members of the club donating clothing and school items to the students. We later extended our assistance to Harvard Park Elementary School.

Black Hawk after school program

Working for “Basket of Hope”

By 2010, the club became associated with Basket of Hope and continues to knit caps and blankets, and make gowns for preemie babies, along with pillows for children receiving prolonged IV’s, both for cancer treatment and in the emergency room.

Preemie hats and booties

Making pillows for children receiving ER or chemo treatments

Presentation of Scholarship 2012

The last several years, a $1000.00 scholarship has been given to a student from a local college who is majoring art.

Classes 2008-2010

Cut-out Border Jacket

Hat Pincushion

Frilly Knit Scarf

Crocheted Bookmark

Loom Weaving

Basket Weaving

Jean Purse

Altered CD Book

Knitted Baby Hat

High Tea 2009

Doll Tea Party 2010

Soup Supper Fundraiser

Classes 2010

Potato Beads

Various Art

Floral Swags

Stained Glass

Gourd Shards

Fabric Art

Stella Taft President 2010-2012

Festival of Trees

The Springfield Ceramics and Craft Club, while celebrating its 90th year in 2014, boasted an active membership of 150, 87 Life Members, and a waiting list of 5.

Twenty different crafts were taught in the summer of 2013, and fifty-seven in the fall-winter-spring season of 2013-2014, making a tital os seventy-seven different crafts for the fiscal year.

The club holds a Spring Class Sign-Up in May, and a Fall/Winter Class Sign-Up in September of each year.

Members are looking forward to another 90 years for the club!

Today’s Fashion (2014)

Carol Sobeck President 2012-2014

82nd Annual Table Setting

Mary Jane Moorman President 2014 -2016



Barack Obama (D) is President.

Pat Quinn is Governor of Illinois.

Michael Houston is Mayor of Springfield.

There are conflicts in the Middle East.

There are school shootings.

Marijuana is legal in Colorado.

Prince William has a son, George.

We’ve landed on the Moon.

We pay to watch TV.

Organ transplants are common place.

A “Smart Phone” can make phone calls, take photos, access the internet, pay bills, send email, play music, play games and watch movies & TV.

The Cubs still haven’t won the World Series.

We can power a car by plugging it into electricity.

Millions of people connect with each other on Facebook.

It’s been 50 years since the Beatles arrived.

May 2014 – Countless change have taken place between

“THEN AND NOW”, but the Springfield Ceramic and Craft Club still exists!

A special event paid homage to the past 90 years. Those involved:

Table Setters

Because we had so many new members accepted in 2013-2014, there was not enough room at the 2014 Table Setting Luncheon for everyone who wanted to set a table to do so.

Therefore, because of the 90th Anniversary Celebration, the Board voted to allow members to set a table at this event.

Table Setter and Title of Setting

Glenda Callahan-Kinner – “Country Roses Tea Party”

Barb Carney – “Another of Hitler’s Victims”

Leslie Frederick –“Remembering Christmas with my Parents.”

Penni Gebke – “When I Grow Young”

Sheryl  A. Glynn – “Garden Tea Party”

Margaret Longhta – “Gifts from Loved Ones”

Gwen Pollock – Vintage and New with  Green Cabbage”

Dee Spring – “How Things Have Changed”

Rebecca Wagner – “With A Not To Lincoln”

Sylvia Walker – Not My Mother’s Table

Special Exhibits

Zetta Engel – Helen Johnston’s Hand-Painted china

Dot Hasselbring – Ceramic Nativity Set

Rebecca Wagner, President 2016-2018

Fall 2016:  SCCC held it's first Crafter's Treasure Sale.  Members were encouraged to go thru their supply stashes and donate items for the sale.  Shoppers bought a bag for $10 and were able to fill it with whatever supplies they could fit into the bag.  Larger items were individually priced.  The Crafter's Treasure Sale is held every other year.

Winter 2016-2017:  The lower level of the studio was remodeled.  Due to a generous donation by a Club member, we were able to replace the carpet and resurfaced the floors.  The lower level was remodeled with the removal of walls and the creation of a large storage room.  The entire lower level was repainted and display rods were installed.  Necessary work was also done to correct a drainage issue and a sump pump was installed.

Winter 2017:  The first Soup Luncheon was held.  Members volunteered to make ceramic bowls for the event.  Tickets were sold in advance to members, friends and family.  Guests enjoyed Panera soup and received a beautiful ceramic bowl of their choice.  This has become an annual event held each January.  Proceeds from the event support the ceramic area at the Club.

Penni Gebke, President 2018-2020

2018: Standing rules were amended to allow a special membership application period if active membership fell below 90% (below 135) of the maximum 150 active members.  Applications can be accepted after May 1st with new members initiated in September of the same year.

Fall 2018: At least two $500 grants are awarded to local art teachers to promote fine arts knowledge and practice.  These grants replaced the former student scholarship.  Six grants were awarded in 2018: $500 - Kimberly Magowan, St. Agnes Catholic School; $500 - Lisa Beenenga, Southeast High School; $250 - Robert Mitchell, Lincoln Magnet School; $250 - Beth Rianegga, Springfield High School; $100 - Kelly Minder, Owen Marsh Elementary School, and $100 - Kristin Jurgens, Lanphier High School.


December 2018:  In an effort to address health concerns, the traditional cookie walk, held in conjunction with the Holiday Market, was reinvented into a Sweet Shop offering decorated cookies, specialty breads, rolls & candies.  Shoppers can still select and create their own individual boxes with the help of volunteer members who fill the boxes at the display counter.

The Artisan Holiday Boutique/Sweet Shop of 2018 was the first time SCCC accepted plastic card payment for the purchases of shoppers.

April 2019:  Building improvements:

Completed the installation of the new display wall in the main room of the Club with a gallery type cover and plate-type hangars for displaying member crafts.

Completed the restriping of the parking lot and added a barrier along the back alley to keep large trucks from driving through the parking lot breaking up the concrete

August 2019:

Purchased and installed a new kiln for glass projects, launching SCCC into a new craft which has become popular.  Several members have experience in glass works and look forward to offering classes.

September 2019:

Initiated 11 new members approved through the special membership application period.  Launched a new Club website to provide security for members and offer a user-friendly site.

December 2019/January 2020:

A new challenge was launched at the Member Christmas Tea called the 5th Friday Challenge.  Members were encouraged to use the non-traditional block of wood to create a traditional art piece.  The first show and tell was held January 31, 2020.  Members brought their creations and told stories on how they came to be.  The challenge will continue throughout 2020; May 29, July 31 and Oct 30.

March 2020

The end of our fiscal year marked a devastating time for not only Illinois but the entire United States with the outbreak and spread of the Coronavirus - CoVid 19.  Social distancing and a stay-at-home order was issued by Governor JB Pritzker for the entire state.  As a result all classes and activities were canceled at SCCC from March through August 2020 unless CDC lifts restrictions on large gatherings (over 10).  The decision to close the Club was a difficult one but necessary.

Judy Hauffe, President 2020-2022